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hogan rebel junior Volunteer [复制链接]

there are people uncertain time, can not guarantee every working day "escort." We issued a "note" to recruit male owners,spaccio hogan, the owners want more men to join. If a further increase in enrollment,hogan spaccio, we will consider extending the time and strive every day to escort the convoy. Beijing News: how to determine the time of each escort? Volunteer: There can only escort night from 9:00 to 10:00 an hour. We have established a QQ group, currently more than 500 owners to join. If there are women business owners to return after 22:00, may be a message in the group called for "escort" support, we will be male owner "one to one" escort. Beijing News: "escort" What action has repercussions? Volunteer: Some women business owners take the initiative to register, also want lights, we were refused, the trail is very dangerous, women can not participate in the night ... a lot of mosquitoes,tn nike pas cher, we'll have a leg large red bumps, some women business owners know after brought insect repellent .Chen Mei Jie currently bedridden survive. Chen Mei Jie door Jiedan taken a sesame oil alone retail subsistence. Door  photoBEIJING.
Luoyang, October 11 (Reporter door Jiedan) Luoyang City, 20-year-old girl Chen Mei Jie fun to rescue several children, the lumbar spine was smashed,hogan on line, the young girls can only be fixed with steel body, lying in bed difficult degree day. Recently, she owed and living conditions caused widespread concern of Internet users. It is understood that Chen Mei Jie,talon louboutin, a student of the school in Luoyang metallurgical industry, in December 2010, she was assigned to Shanghai, a company internship. August 1, 2011 nearly 5 pm, Chen Mei-Jie use the time to rest near Bell Refractory Co., Ltd. visit classmates. At that time he first entered the door, she saw three preschoolers playing in the sidewalk, surrounded by stacked four refractory Pack 2 meters high crumbling, critical occasion, Chen Mei-Jie pulled forward a little boy,hogan outlet roma, in Faraday when the two little girls,hogan borse, feed bag fell off, and her two small girls hit the inside. At that time,air max bw pas cher, Chen Mei Jie coma, after being sent to hospital. Doctors diagnosed two lumbar fractures, in serious condition. A week after surgery, three groups of six plates and nails were implanted her body. And the doctor said the surgery three months after the review required in the future if she can stand up is still unknown, according to the situation have to be reviewed after the set. After the injury, Chen Mei Jie internship company lent her 61.
and now he is not only not help, life can not take care of themselves, and also requires high medical expenses, watching their parents sorrow face, Chen Mei-Jie have thought about suicide, I do not know how to carry over this catastrophe. Fortunately, October 11, at the school where the reporter Chen Mei Jie contact, the school said it is coordinating with the Shanghai parties to resolve the matter, while the school has launched a fundraising campaign. (Finish)  Share: welcome to comment I want to comment Microblogging Recommended | hot microblogg(Reporter Li Tao) father in the wing gas poisoning, the son of seeing clearly say no to perform their duty, on the grounds that the divorce agreement has been agreed Litigation house owned by his ex-wife. Under the old man angry father Zhang sued to Shunyi District People's Court, asking to give back part of his son's property. Zhang old man alleged that, in 1981, he had built the main house in a village in Shunyi District 5, the east wing 2. August 15, 1987, his two sons to the separation of the house and give the defendant Zhang,nike tn pas cher magasin, Zhang precondition is an obligation to carry out maintenance of the plaintiff. Subsequently.
there are concerns, there are appeals, they let Chen Mei-Jie feel warm. Unfortunately, up to now, Chen Mei Jie did not see the rescued children. The strong and kind-hearted girl comes cold after his injured when several sobbing. "So far, Bell Refractories Co., Ltd. and rescued the children's parents no one came to visit her, but no one to give her a little treatment costs." Chen Mei Jie said sadly, those children's parents say they are beginning to save a few children suffer injuries, and later corrected himself,parajumper sale, saying that he was hurt when the kids play with the subject. Complicated and grim reality, let Chen Mei Jie unexpected, often referred to could not help crying. "Do I saved them wrong? Who can give me a fair ah?" "Parents want to eat feed, but also stand up with the help of parents, it makes me very sad." At home by their parents in the vegetable market selling sesame oil to make ends meet.
000 yuan of money to solve the pre-medical costs, the money will soon be gone, poor home and raise money, frustration,nike tn officiel, September 17, after the body with wooden fixed she was carried to long-distance truck bumps along the way, Renzhaojutong returned to his hometown Luoyang. "After the injury I heard those children are safe and out of danger,tn, I am very happy." October 10, lying in bed recuperating rental Chen Mei Jie told reporters that four refractory package Each has a one-ton, if at all hit without any fortification children, the consequences could be disastrous, just to protect their own at that time, the child is too small. Weak voice,doudoune femme moncler, reveals students the unique simple. Chen Mei Jie deeds were uploaded to the network users, caused widespread concern, thread. "A Touch of Zen amiable and admirable!", "Bloom like a girl,air max bw pas cher, good people feel bad." "Civilian heroes, respectable.", "Enthusiastic kind,air max pas cher enfant, chivalrous innocent girl and we need to learn." "Good girl, we support you,hogan uomo, hope you get stronger, everything will be alright. "," a person in trouble, help. we help her,air max femme pas cher, it is our responsibility! ",under armour wholesale," let us work together to give her attention to her strength! "... netizens have praised.

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