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they drive a wedge between family relations with China, setting off a wave of another wave of anti-China. Abe Mozhun American mind, found the US "return to Asia" Japan needs to coordinate and support. In his view, struggling to contain China, we can strengthen US-Japan alliance, but also from the United States' return to Asia "strategic interest in a slice. Thus, Abe regime is willing to play for USA to "return to Asia" strategy pawn. And to make full play the role of Japan, the United States not only overt or covert support of the Japanese constitutional, military buildup,scarpe hogan online, playing double-dealing on the Diaoyu Islands issue is still the one hand, declared that "not holding position" side declared that "the US-Japan security treaty "applies to the Diaoyu Islands. In February this year.
Abe's visit, although Obama did not Japan on the Diaoyu Islands issue and constitutional public utterance,sac longchamp solde, but he must not be misread as Abe regime's practice is not supported. Abe from the United States after returning, claiming that "against any neighboring country will not affect the process of amending the Constitution of Japan",scarpe uomo hogan, and attitude on the Diaoyu Islands issue even tougher. This obviously has the backing of the United States, Abe was more reckless, overall challenge China. Adhere to take effective countermeasures against Japan Recently, many Chinese and foreign media have reported the Abe regime to build a "Chinese encirclement made" efforts. It should be said that this reflected the truth of developments in large part. But it should be noted.
Abe is in this situation came to power again. As a representative of the Japanese right-wing forces,parajumpers kids, he intensified the challenges China. He denied Japan's history of aggression and advocating "get rid of the post-war system" to promote amend the Constitution after the war, speed up the "military power" of the pace of the process of restarting hegemony in Asia. He further intensification of the Diaoyu Islands dispute provoked by the former regime, will fight an island home of evolution,basket nike tn pas cher, enlarged to a comprehensive strategy with China contest, challenge the fundamental interests of China and the great power status. He took advantage of some neighboring countries worry about China's rise.
Japan and the United States some media reports also contain some deliberate hype ingredients, or bluff, pressure, or waves, at loggerheads. Therefore, we should have anything against their own analysis and judgment, must not echoed,air max femme pas cher, it must not be confused. Abe regime's diplomatic campaign not to say that there is no effect,outlet hogan, but the effect is limited, at least for the time being so. According to foreign reports,hogan scarpe, many countries simply accept the yen is a lot, but do not want to make any commitment to Japan. Most East Asian countries suffered from Japanese aggression and a sense of lingering pain, not with Japan pitch, any flicker of a Japanese. Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's visit to Japan in late May, the Japanese side to take advantage of some of the gaps between India and the Indian tried a good show, but the Indian side said that only interested in economic and technical cooperation.
others are "deaf ear." Australia openly stated that with the US and Japan "enhanced cooperation", but privately has expressed reluctance between the United States and Japan and China a "dilemma." There are reports that even the United States to the extreme right tendencies Abe regime also began to worry,tn pas chere, fear of Japan farther, becoming increasingly difficult to manage, strategic US interference in the region,air max pas cher pour homme, and even the Japanese themselves to sit Big. All this shows that Japan, although plausible, it is difficult to achieve the water to pull people together to contain China's attempt. However,moncler doudoune, with the arrival of the Japanese Senate elections in July and Abe's Liberal Democratic Party is likely to win, Abe regime is bound to become more arrogant. In this regard, we should have full estimation requires patience,under armour wholesale, perseverance, courage and wisdom. In an objective and sober analysis and understanding of the situation on the basis of careful planning we should continue to take effective counter-measures against Abe regime to thwart its attempts to contain me. First, the Abe regime deny history, deny World War II results, and other key issues will continue to severely criticize,nuova collezione scarpe hogan uomo, expose its right wing true colors, evoking the world of the revival of Japanese militarism vigilance; Second, adhere to the strategic and decisive and tactical flexibility to combine both a battle of wits Yong, but also beneficial to rational and restrained,moncler, never give up in the previous phase I defend the territorial sovereignty of progress made on the basis of duly reiterate shelve disputes and strive for greater diplomatic initiative; third,air max femme pas cher, I take full advantage of political, economic , military, cultural, geopolitical comprehensive advantages.
do a good job neighboring countries, most of them for sympathy and support, focusing isolate and attack Japan,hogan milano, the Philippines and a few other countries swollen with arrogance; fourth, strengthen consultations US,moncler soldes, EU, Australia and exchanges,hogan outlet roma, and safeguarding the fruits of victory "Cairo Declaration" and the "Potsdam Proclamation" the basic spirit of the anti-fascist war and oppose any new form of appeasement rise; finally, public diplomacy, do a good job in all aspects of Japan's support to China Friendly forces, win over the middle forces, Abe regime continues to keep up the pressure, and resolutely fight against the extreme right. International justice is on our side, the people of the world on our side. Abe regime's attempt to contain China certainty of failure, the final victory must belong to China. (Author: Gao Qiu Fu) (Original title: Japan to contain China resolute.

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