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and his weapon in the bag. This shows that he is completely well prepared. Since the 1980s, for various reasons.
he obviously knew what to do, not like those nerve not normal people. Paris prosecutors Moran 18 pm at the press conference said there were many similarities between the four events, whether from clothing and other body perspective, or from the left he held firearms and shells, the four events of the one has a similarity in mind,air max pas cher enfant, the gunmen may be the same person. And upload to the network from a period of surveillance video, the gunman in the TV people and the police on Monday dressed in the same clothes of the suspects, according to police sources said the attack two media men should certainly be the same person. Paris city to hunt down the mysterious gunman After the "Liberation" newspaper La D fense business district and shootings,air max femme pas cher, police used a lot of police to ensure the safety of the whole of Paris, in the important area of the Champs Elysees, the police sent a helicopter has been hovered in major media such as the French "Le Monde", "Le Figaro" and "Les Echos" newspaper outside the hall also sent heavily armed police on duty at the scene. Since Witnesses claimed that he may be hiding near the metro station, so the major Paris subway station full of police and plainclothes officers. This news about the killer held grenades and using a press-action shotgun in the second shooting is rapidly spread in the city of Paris. Some people worry that he might continue to attack, and therefore warned them not to take the subway or simply stay at home. According to the description of the parties and the French police,air max femme, this man shot.
is an independent photographer, the day is the first day of work, he had come to give the newspaper "Liberation Daily, "a supplement to shoot. At that time, the name of the victims chest and abdomen bullet quilt, then immediately rushed to hospital. According to "liberate" the news, this young man is now under the operating table; but Paris prosecutors said that the victim is still in surgery done after death among intensive care unit for observation is not yet out Danger. Some say that he is the wrong time to this famous newspaper. Easily obtain weapons attack According to the police, the case is a murderer committing the crime weapon press type caliber 12 shotgun,scarpe hogan uomo, weapon management union president, he told AFP in France,golden goose scarpe, which is one of France's most popular weapon. About the number of 500-6000000 In France, the main users of French 2 million in legal hunting activities mountain. France has such firearms is not difficult.
typical of Europeans, their age between 35-45 years of age, short hair or bald (because wearing a hat),scarpe uomo hogan, 1 meter tall 7-1 meters between 8,hogan uomo scarpe, wearing a dark green long coat, a few days did not shave his beard, carrying a messenger backpack. Paris police said the perpetrators are still at large, it is also not locked his identity. Meanwhile, police urged people to stay at home, do not go out. Police said the gunman was calm and confident every time fled the scene of the attack. President ordered the arrest as soon as possible Is visiting the Middle East, French President Hollande Local 18 issued an emergency order to emphasize the priority is to "curb the threat posed to human life,hogan milano," Hollande pointed out that the intention is to kill the killer, so tomorrow or any when they are likely to continue to kill. He asked the police have arrested him as soon as possible,hogan baby, in order to avoid people continue to fear. It is reported that after the shootings,nike air max 1, French Interior Minister Valls had rushed after hearing the "Liberation" guide to solve the case, and the Minister of Culture Feilipeiti, Paris Mayor Bertrand Delanoe also rushed to the scene, which shows French political attention. Valls said the incident touched Liberation newspaper reporter and as well as all people across the country, attacks fundamental freedoms of people inexcusable. Right now, investigators tend to think that this series of events for which a separate crime. Police also released a surveillance video at the scene of a large number of photographs of suspects,air max pas cher pour homme, collect clues to the public. Further reading Young photographer at work the day before it was bad luck "Liberation" newspaper hall in Paris Third District was shot and seriously injured that young people aged 27.
as long as the hunting license or permit design,parajumpers outlet, you can spend 150 euros to buy. Newsletter RAP Shootings mystery Newspaper freelance commentator Han Ping Since last Friday,golden goose scarpe uomo, the city of Paris appears a gunman who seems to specific media serial crime perpetrators, immediately triggered shocked French society. But only after a few days, but the name of the murderer shot on Monday in the French "Liberation" newspaper a young photographer, leading photographer shot in the abdomen, the current state is still in critical condition. French police stated on Friday and four cases occurred a week modus operandi is very similar, but according to the testimony of witnesses,hogan outlet online, several cases the perpetrators clothing is also very similar,golden goose italy, so the police are basically considered several cases by the same as individuals, and it is likely to be a single person committing the crime. From Paris,air max bw pas cher, BFM television and murderer attacked "Liberation" and other details, the goal is likely to be the perpetrators of media staff. So, this case seems to be that mystery: Who is he? Why make life difficult for media professionals? In addition to the media whether the future will hurt the innocent? Why is it so well-trained? So far, police have released video of the suspects shot the photo, while the city launched a search and set up a hotline, hoping to recognize the man who provided clues, can be brought to justice as soon as possible to eliminate the fear of the public. According to information provided by the police, the suspects aged between 35-45 years, with European features,hogan online, keep a few days without shaving short beard,sac longchamp pliage, dressed in a sleeveless black down jacket, here is army green jacket. Wearing green sneakers. Messenger a big black bag.

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