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Recently,chaussure tn pas cher, some foreign media reports,tn requin pas cher, there are white-collar workers received calls classmate seen for many years, she was invited to attend the wedding, and even "considerate" to attach a bank account, implicitly expressed "less than human, elements of money to go to the" idea. Reporters visited many white-collar industries, that will be elements of money into our bank card approach is still "wonderful thing", it happens to many people, "active elements to people exchange money, or too much." White-collar cases   Invitations want to attach a bank account In the white-collar service communications industry background Miss Nguyen, whenever foreign students came marriage hearing, are used directly to other elements of money into bank cards, but most of the newcomers will be rejected, "Some friends will have a direct say. 'Blessing to the good, too, see the punch outside, do not bribe, ' "Ms. Nguyen said:" in fact, talking about how much money will hurt the feelings of these new approaches is very gratifying.
we received the blessing enough. " But there are also white-collar workers were repeatedly urging new gifts,tn pas chere, even newcomers receive unsolicited bank account, the white-collar Miss Lin elders encountered such a thing. According to Ms. Lin told, Guangzhou resident father married woman friend home to receive invitations,air max femme, together with the couple's bank account. When father not understand the usefulness of an account, Ms. Lin has been "second understanding", to help his father and consciously turn account. For this, Ms. Lin was speechless, "less than a gift to the people is a voluntary act, and let others to punch on the elements of money, so the matter." Micro survey   One percent of respondents said white-collar workers: activists had been asked to transfer money Express reporter through visits, micro letter, QQ and many other ways, interviewed 50 Guangzhou white-collar, male and female. Of these,golden goose scarpe, five were asked Ms. encounter elements of money playing card practices,doudoune moncler pas cher, and that the respondents had tried to collar elements of money into other friends within the card, let it and pay. For the elements of money into the bank card practices that the majority of white-collar workers to see "new relationship with depth." M Mr. Bai Linghuang bluntly, "If man will direct you tube gifts, but also illustrate the amount,hogan shop, but will not feel uncomfortable." The fear is that white-collar workers, suddenly heard "simply unfamiliar" to a friend married, and the other open to the elements of money, they made it clear that "could not refuse", that "the market price hit 300 yuan to cope with what." Folklore experts   Get emotional elements of money intermediation, not the exchange of money and goods Guan Ying teacher Creek Village Intangible Cultural Heritage Research Center.
South China Agricultural University believes that the wedding would have been the traditional function of the elements of money "to maintain the feelings between people," but newcomers to "punch" in the form of elements of money charged to a friend, you becomes relatively utilitarian, "the role of intermediation interpersonal exchange of money and goods have been gradually replaced by the naked." But off the teacher says, "The Punch" In fact, there is no problem,parajumper jassen, but the best when accompanied by a few remittance blessing message, whether it is by the way how to give elements of money,chaussure tn pas cher, the best traditions and human feelings can be retained otherwise, it may become material exchange. [Tips]   All kinds of wonderful elements of money    � elements of money can also IOUs Miss Bai Lingsu after the wedding when the demolition red envelope and found there was a good friend inside the red envelope is not put in cash, but a handwritten note that read "owes first, so I get married again I have." Accompanied by a friend immediately laugh ball, two new nor unhappy. Bride spot joked: "In order to quickly return this IOU, would have been urging her to get married."  � micro-letter envelopes,hogan scarpe, rob newlyweds Last month, the white-collar Xiao Cai and friends Ms. Leung Shum married xiaocai stirring things up, and put the trabecular Xiaocen duo pulled a micro-channel group, the micro letter sent eight hundred yuan red envelopes to fight the couple luck . Red envelope sizes are assigned randomly, the couple points into links respectively.
the current school library study room is temporarily closed to the public.At 11:30 on June 21 or so,air max pas cher pour femme, Jiangxi Normal University, a friends broke the news on microblogging Jiangxi, library study room on the fourth floor NORMAL fans on fire. President, do you really want to install air conditioning an accident. Subsequently, the reporter linked to the micro-blog users, according to its introduction,louboutin pas cher, after fans fire,hogan saldi, library staff immediately rushed to put the fire out. "Fire is the location of the library on the fourth floor near the southwest corner of the large study room, because of the recent hot weather, a lot fewer people to study hall,nike tn pas cher magasin, it is estimated that only a third of the usual time, sitting in fan following students a little alarmed quickly left the location, the library staff im