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superstition, and resolutely crack down on banned and there are feng shui master feng shui training organizations violations. At the same time, smooth reporting channels folk, the masses to play a supervisory role, to eliminate the adverse social impact. Internet Security pointed out that "bad sealed sources of information.
click on a feng shui course enrollment page that read: "Ma,tn, Li Ka-shing going to sleep thinking about the secrets of the Book of Changes is an essential weapon in the business to make money make money fast ... initial public millennium tips. " It is understood that,nike tn pas cher magasin, in feng shui industry, celebrities, government officials like the "client" of the famous feng shui master great help. Small thing to ask individuals to large geographic environmental consulting, feng shui charge a few hundred dollars to several hundred thousand dollars. Feng shui feng shui course part of the high price and costs as little as a few thousand dollars, as many as several hundred thousand dollars, the training time ranging from three days to several months. Feng Shui masters have done their best customers to spend money not lead to reversal of fate In recent years, a number of dignitaries for a fortune, promotion,tn air max 2014 pas cher, education and other life "priorities",scarpe hogan uomo, are invited popular feng shui advice,chaussure tn pas cher, feng shui master active in various fields and sectors, it has become quite a profitable public career. Reporters learned that the current domestic feng shui course is divided into two types, one is the "academic school" by scholar speaker, emphasizing Chinese culture theory; the other is "Practical School", by a number of rivers and lakes speaker, emphasizing aspects estimates Applications. However, feng shui master is not as customer expectations so "efficacious." Miss Dong feng shui teacher would often called to invite her to call a friend to sit together in the past, with a number of potential customers or to study feng shui divination. Friends brought Miss Guo Lidong has therefore spent odds. The original, Guo Li's daughter marriage is breaking edge.
Rely change the name, network promotion,tn requin pas cher, dignitaries and other means to make a star,golden goose shoes, some of the feng shui master a charlatan in his capacity as a blatant money-making. Feng shui changed its name to change the name, deified packaging, high fees Ms. Dong is a retired doctor amateur feng shui studies, in addition to her home reading self, also enrolled in courses conducted feng shui "studies." Two days course fees of up to 3,air max femme pas cher,000 yuan. Today, often with the help of some friends and relatives Ms geomancy. Miss Dong Feng Shui courses to participate, located deep in a residential area Yuquan Road, Shijingshan District neighborhood, is a two-bedroom apartment. One room for a feng shui master and his family live, another room and living room for office and training. The living room was stocked with some of the Feng Shui and I Ching books.
she hoped feng shui master to save her marriage. Feng shui master GUO daughter came home several times to change the home layout, purchase feng shui treasure. "Several times over, Ins and Outs spent tens of thousands of dollars, may end up not a bit of use,scarpe uomo hogan, and ultimately, her daughter was divorced." Guo Li said it straight sigh. Demystification of traditional culture, vigilant cheater loophole Expert analysis, known as traditional Chinese feng shui superstition, many people feng shui who "prefer to believe them not credible" attitude. The current prevalence of Feng Shui training, Confucianism Fever on the one hand and the rise of the whole society, traditional culture heat-related; the other hand,golden goose scontate, society is in transition, a lot of people worried about the fate of the future, and hope to find spiritual answers from Feng Shui. Plus some famous and distinguished people involved, but also contributed to the need for civil society and faith feng shui. Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Committee Party School associate professor Zhang Hui said: "To prompt the public to guard against some of the crooks use of the mass psychology of fear, the I Ching and other traditional culture over a mystery, even as a money-making tool for fraud." Experts suggest that should strengthen scientific propaganda.
hanging on the wall is part of a certificate Feng Shui Association plaque. This museum opened after feng shui,hogan interactive, feng shui master, whose real name will also be changed to pack Wensheng Germany. In fact, the feng shui master had been five years ago in a small town in western poverty-stricken counties to operate a grain and oil shop for a living, and later to Beijing,tn pas chere, an IT training school admissions,hogan uomo, a monthly income of only three or four thousand, is pure "drift north" . Today, he is revered as a master of feng shui, there are many disciples sought, income doubled, only the rent of five or six thousand,hogan scarpe, often invited to Shandong, Shanghai and other places to see feng shui, feng shui talk. He proudly said: "Today, the family of the children in Beijing to take root." In addition to a new look, to conceal the identity of the past, through online marketing, and other ways to expand its influence to win over the powerful, raise his status, feng shui trick is often used. The feng shui master on the one hand, the Internet vaunted their magic spell; on the other,outlet hogan, by means of stars, politicians, corporate executives and other word of mouth deified himself. Under this package,bonnet moncler, although expensive training fees, but a large number of learners flocked regardless of cost. Due to the low cost of Internet communication, strict qualification examination,doudoune femme moncler, Feng Shui training,hogan scontate, often through Baidu promotion, blog, etc. to spread reputation. Typically, these courses take advantage of people's desire to promote its pages or eager to get rich psychological comfort of training extremely exaggerated rendering. Reporters in the Baidu search page enter Feng Shui training.

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